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Server Technology Wins a TMC 2014 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award


InfoTech Data Cntr Exc 14 resized 600

Server Technology was recently awarded a TMC 2014 infoTech Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award for High Density Outlet Technology. The 2014 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award recognizes the most innovative and enterprising data center vendors who offer infrastructure or software, servers or cooling systems, cabling or management applications.

Server Technology was recognized for High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT), HDOT provides up to 42 C13’s in a 42U high by 1U wide device, the highest possible outlet density available in a network connected PDU. Manufactured with robust high temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 flame rating makes these outlets ideally suited for harsh data center environments. Additional features include high native cord retention that eliminates the need for custom and costly ancillary locking cord devices.

To order the HDOT PDU go to STIs new Build Your Own PDU configurator on, where you can configure your own custom HDOT PDU.

Learn more at

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Question of the Month: How Do I Ensure Uptime in My Data Center?


describe the image

Recently, a lot of customers have been asking us here at Server Technology about maximizing uptime.

Customers want to know: With the multitude of power-related challenges facing data centers today, like unplanned outages; increasing security threats; new, relatively untested technologies such as SDN; and the ongoing threat of natural disasters, is striving for constant uptime a realistic goal or a pipe dream? Many feel that they are fighting a losing battle against this slew of challenges.

Our response is that it’s easy to get frustrated with the increasing number of demands facing your data center. But it’s also easy to manage power effectively when you have access to a reliable data center power management solution that can provide the following features:

Real-time environmental alerts: Stay on top of environmental challenges like heat spikes and condensation with advanced temperature and humidity monitoring.

Capacity planning: See exactly how new infrastructure and technologies fit in with your existing equipment. Capacity planning tools will let you see how much power your equipment is using, and how much room you have left before reaching your ceiling.

Power draw data: When downtime occurs, you need to be aware of it. Don’t let servers and switches fail for extended periods of time without being noticed. Gain advanced power draw information so that you can keep a close watch on your facility at all times.

Remote management: Make critical power adjustments from any location with remote management. You don’t have to be physically present in your data center to oversee your equipment and make key changes.

So, don’t get overwhelmed trying to maintain uptime. Get the right technology to ensure it. Server Technology, a leading provider of data center power management software, can help you ensure uptime in an unpredictable environment. Click here to request a demo today.

Mitigate Risk With a Data Center Power Monitoring Solution



Your job as a network professional is to expand your data center’s intelligence capabilities in a cost-effective and responsible way. It’s critical, therefore, that you mitigate the risk of over-extending your resources when adding new equipment.

Power is one of the biggest challenges that could undermine your efforts to expand your data center’s capabilities, as it is expensive and can be damaging to your equipment if left unmonitored. Fortunately, you can easily control your facility’s electricity usage with a data center power monitoring solution that records and reports on the energy consumption for each component of your data center.

Here are some of the problems that a data center power monitoring solution can help your business counter the following risks:

Vendor misrepresentations: When you invest in a new network device, you need to see whether the hardware actually delivers on its intended promises of efficiency and electricity consumption. A power monitoring solution will let you track a device’s electricity usage over time, so you can obtain quality efficiency metrics throughout the lifetime of a product. This data will come in handy for any negotiations with the vendor about product quality when it’s time to either upgrade your equipment or move on to another provider.

Hardware failure: Oftentimes, servers and switches leaving the factory are only, are given a spot-check for quality purposes, meaning that not every device will be thoroughly inspected. It’s not unheard of for a piece of hardware to fail any time after it is plugged in, which can lead to downtime. A power monitoring solution can alert you when a device fails, thus saving time, money and critical data. 

Waste: Idling or overused servers can waste money and drive up the cost of your monthly electricity bills. If a server starts hemorrhaging power, you need to know about it so you can respond accordingly.

If you want to keep your data center performing optimally, you need to see how it is performing in real time. Click here to learn how Server Technology can help your business streamline power efficiencies with its data center power monitoring software. 

Monitor Your Network's Power Consumption Without Any Wires


RF tag

You’re looking to install a new technology that will help you glean advanced insight into your data center’s energy consumption. But the thought of adding more wires does not seem all that appealing. After all, your data center already looks like a jungle.

Fortunately, there is a solution: You can implement advanced, wireless data center power monitoring from Server Technology. It’s easy to install, and it’s clutter-free.

Here’s how Server Technology’s wireless data center power monitoring solution works: Wireless RF tags are first inserted into serial cords and attach to power distribution units (PDU), which plug directly into racks located around the data center. The RF tags record each outlet’s energy consumption and then wirelessly transmit the information back to a central management platform, where the information can be accessed from any location.

RF tags are also capable of wirelessly transmitting environmental information from your facility, so you can use it to track temperature and humidity levels without being physically present in your data center.

Server Technology’s wire-free power monitoring solution can be used with both switched and smart PDUs, through the use of patented Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPs) and Per Outlet Sensing features.

Here are some of the benefits of a wireless power and environmental monitoring solution:

     -    Locate stranded power capacity
     -    Stay in compliance with regulatory power usage
     -    Reduce overall expenses
     -    Gain peace of mind knowing that your facility is safe

Click here to learn more about how you can gain a whole new level of insight into your data center infrastructure’s power usage without having to add any clutter.  

Power Prices Set to Surge as Temperatures Plummet in New England



Businesses and consumers across New England are preparing for a big spike in energy prices starting in January.

What’s responsible for rising energy prices? The increase can be attributed to the recent western fracking boom, which initially drove down the price of natural gas and caused a large amount of people to invest in it. New England’s reliance on natural gas increased from 15 percent to 46 percent between 2000 and 2013.

Unfortunately, there is an issue of supply and demand occurring now as there aren’t enough pipelines running back east to provide gas to all of the customers. As temperatures plummet with the onset of winter, a greater amount of strain is being placed on the already maxed-out pipes. Prices could therefore increase significantly once it comes time to reset rates in January.  

We are already beginning to see the problem unfold. In Boston, for example, utility provider NStar has already asked for a 29 percent increase for energy consumers.

If your business is in the crosshairs for increased power rates, it’s imperative that you invest in a data center power monitoring solution that can keep a close watch on your energy consumption in real time. With data center power monitoring, you can stay under budget and keep your power consumption at a reasonable level—even if your local energy rates are unreasonable.

Server Technology is one provider that offers advanced, wireless data center power monitoring solutions equipped with RF Code capabilities. Through the help of Server Technology, you can keep a close eye on your racks to make sure you are not wasting energy.

Click here to learn more about how Server Technology can help you combat rising energy prices in your data center today. 

Your Data Center Is Unlike Any Other—So Build a Custom PDU Solution


Microsoft Corp Data Center(Image: Microsoft Corp)

Imagine you’re looking for a new suit. Are you going to settle for any old set of threads from off of the rack? Or will you invest in a custom-tailored ensemble? Chances are likely that you’ll embrace the latter because the higher-quality materials and workmanship will improve the fit and your professional appearance as well as increase the durability of the finished product.

Similarly, when you invest in a customized data center solution—such as a power distribution unit (PDU)—you are guaranteed a product with features that make it more valuable for your particular business’s needs. Just like your custom suit is unique for you, your data center power needs are one of a kind. What works for one organization might not work for yours, so you need a PDU that will conform to your exact specifications.  

Here at Server Technology, we make it easy to design your own PDU. You can choose your amperage type (one-phase, three-phase or three-phase alternating current), power input style, orientation type and outlet module. We even give you the option to choose your connectivity preference—be it IP-enabled or metered. Our build-your-own-PDU (BYOP) generator puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the option to tell us exactly what you want. Then, we will tailor your PDU(s) to conform to the needs of your servers.

It’s time to outfit your data center with a PDU solution that will help maximize efficiencies and mitigate frustration. Click here to learn how to build your own PDU today. 

Reduce the Cost of Your Network Infrastructure With Cable Length


In many ways, a data center should be seen and not heard in an organization. While the data center is one of the most critical parts of any company, it can also be seen as a financial burden to upper management. This is especially true in today’s cloud-driven market where business leaders are growing increasingly focused on outsourcing data operations to the cloud.

So if you want to keep your data center on-premises, it’s important that you stay as far out of the financial red zone as possible. In assessing your strategies for reducing operational costs and reducing your network infrastructure, one of the easiest and safest things you can do is to shorten the length of your cables. There are a few upsides to doing this. First and foremost, shorter cables are less expensive and more efficient. You will reduce power loss and you will also improve airflow in your rack, which will decrease server temperatures. Cooler servers run faster, and are less prone to overheating and system failure.

Using High-Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) from Server Technology is one of the best ways to reduce cable length in your cabinets. HDOT power distribution units (PDUs) attach directly to the top or side of a cabinet, which means instead of having to run cables several yards to an outlet, you will only need a few feet of wiring. HDOT PDUs are IP-enabled for remote power distribution and monitoring capabilities, and also come with real-time environmental monitoring to alert managers about fluctuating cabinet temperatures and humidity levels.

Click here to get started using Server Tech’s HDOT PDU technology today. 

Product Spotlight: Meet the New PRO2 PDU From Server Technology


Threats to data center uptime are on the rise, challenging operators to ensure continuous network availability. Businesses need to safeguard themselves against a whole host of environmental and security-related dangers, from an increasing number of cyber and physical threats to unexpected severe weather incidents. To address these concerns, Server Technology has responded with the latest version of its power distribution unit (PDU) platform; built with bleeding-edge PRO2 Architecture, it guarantees maximum rack availability no matter what difficulties arise.  

Built with redundant power and hot-swappable network cards, the PRO2 platform is capable of ensuring communication among rackmounted devices even in the event that a master power unit fails. It is, therefore, ideal for use in high-density or high-temperature environments, or for use with mission-critical applications that require advanced protection. PRO2 units can also be linked together in the event of an emergency, so that multiple units can continue communicating until service is restored.

The new PRO2 platform, which Server Technology will use in all PDU models moving forward, goes above and beyond the company’s previous PDU offerings as it provides improved outlet types and enclosure sizes, as well as a sleeker design and stronger, more-reliable firmware. It contains more processing power and memory, too.

PRO2 also integrates more easily with Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager, as it now comes with more-advanced network capacity planning tools, better reporting capabilities and rack-level power measurements.

This product is now available in single-phase 208/230V, three-phase 208V and three-phase 400/415V 20-30/16-32A switched POPS 30-outlet PDUs. Click here for more information about how you can get started using the next generation of High-Density Outlet Technology from Server Technology today. 

Why Choose Server Technology for Your Data Center Power Needs?


describe the image

Choosing a data center power management solution for your business is a big decision. Since power is one of the most critical components of a data center, the solution you choose will have a direct impact on your business. In many ways, it could mean the difference between success and failure for your company. 

Here at Server Technology, we understand the responsibility of providing your business with a first-class data center power management solution. Our customers agree that our solution provides outstanding benefits, as evidenced in our most recent customer survey, which found that 97 percent of them buy from us repeatedly.

Here are some of the business initiatives we enable you to execute when you partner with us for your data center power management needs:

Obtain high-quality products: More than two-thirds of our customers indicated that quality was their top purchasing criterion for investing in Server Technology products. All of our rackmount power distribution units are built with Server Tech Quality Power Architecture (QPA), which means they are designed and manufactured with 100 percent product performance testing, making them risk-free and built for reliability and performance.

Access expert support: When you purchase products from Server Technology, you’ll gain more than just a high-quality product. You’ll also gain access to a team of trained service engineers that can help you solve problems and overcome data center power challenges. How comprehensive is the support you will receive? An overwhelming 85 percent of our customers say our support is superior to the competition’s.

Improve power density: Are you trying to increase density in your data center to save floor space and money? If so, we are ready to assist you. Some 74 percent of our customers were able to resolve all of their power-density challenges after purchasing our products.

Click here to request a quote and get started using Server Technology today. 

How PRO2 Came to Be


STV 6501  product image

Sometimes if organizations are not careful they can be a victim of their own success.  This was certainly true for Server Technology who driven by a large number of customer requests for custom PDU solutions focused on developing these solutions quickly and efficiently as a core competency. This kept us ahead of the market in many ways providing key solutions immediately needed in the market. It also pushed some other projects to the background.

A decision was made to make a conscience split between our new technologies and our same but different engineering groups that had at their exposure a modular design that they could mold and piece together in multiple ways to produce custom solutions. Many of the new product features today like ST Eye (Bluetooth communications with Android and Apple App’s), higher temperature ratings, mechanical improvements, improved security, SNAP (plug and play PDU configuration), new PRO2 PDU, RF Code tag support, etc. are a result of this refocus.

The new PRO2 architecture takes our existing features and combines them with new additional features driven by both customer demand and the goal of greater reliability and uptime. Some of these new PRO2 features include:      

      -    Multi-Linking of Units (1 IP for up to 4 units)
      -    Redundant Power from the Link Unit always ensuring uptime
      -    Hot Swap network card replacement
      -    Highest density form factor
      -    Shallow POPS enclosure (2.25 inches deep)
      -    Graphical interface with file system, new security features and alerts
      -    Branch Circuit Monitoring and alerts
      -    Higher temperature ratings

The PRO2 product is truly a combination of our complete and total understanding of both our customer’s requirements and the data center cabinet power critical infrastructure environment.  For more information on PRO2 watch the video on our home page.

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