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Can your PDU do this?



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Introducing the PDU Power Pivot™, the patented newest innovation from Server Technology, inventors of the Intelligent PDU.

The PDU Power Pivot’s incredibly flexible design with a 90 degree rotatable power cord makes it the ultimate PDU for multiple racks and multiple facilities.

  • PDU Power Pivot™ input cord
  • 30 (Basic, Metered, Smart) or 24 (Switched) outlet configurations
  • Single phase inputs
  • High native retention outlets
  • Locking receptacles accept side-lock plugs on all PDU Power Pivot products and top-lock (aka APC) plugs on the Switched product
  • Auto-flip LED (all but Basic)
  • Reversible sequencing (Switched - via FW)
  • Two Temperature/Humidity inputs on both the Master and Link units for a total of four
  • 50° C rating

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