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It has been obvious for some time that the power distribution system within the data center is the key opportunity to focus upon in order to actively manage the rising costs of power and more specifically, identify problems and waste in real-time. With future-thinking organizations sharing knowledge between Facilities and IT, the push for more intelligence within this rack-based power infrastructure has become urgent with higher rack power densities. In fact, proactive power management at all stages in the distribution chain within enterprise data centers has become the requirement to feed efficiency studies and optimization efforts.

Key Features of PRO2

The latest innovation from Server Technology, the PRO2 platform, continues STI’s more than 30 year tradition of customer driven  power solutions development.  PRO2 features a flexible hardware platform with more outlets, a faster processor, improved firmware and increased security and redundancy.  With PRO2 you can maintain high availability to your data, stay informed of rising loads and be proactive on your power supply management. 


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