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High Quality Products 

Customers Top Reasons for Choosing Server Technology are Quality, Innovation and People



85% Of Our Customers Say our Support is Superior to the Competition.  



Our products serve your power needs 

80% of our surveyed customers have a power load higher than 5kW, in environments conducive to high density products. 



74% of our surveyed customers resolved power density challenges after purchasing server technology products, amongst other challenges  



Top purchasing criteria for Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager  



What customers are powering with their Server Technology Rack PDUS

91% of our surveyed customers power Network / Switching Gear/ Fabric Interconnect Gear or Branded Servers



Only with Server Technology will you:


 This Infographic was generated with data from a 2015 survey of a subset of Server Technology customers. The survey was sent out to our customers via TachValidate, a trusted third-party market research firm. 

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